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Marathon Health Group is a trailblazer in immunity innovation. We take a proactive approach to health and wellness, seeking out leading immunity innovators and championing them globally. Marathon Health Group ensures health is accessible to every human by using best in class distribution methodologies.

Pioneering global wellness is a marathon, not a sprint.



In collaboration with leading biomedical companies, Marathon Health Group is facilitating global distribution of a proven technology.

Global Distribution

We have best-in-class methodologies to ensure no human is left behind. Because better health for one means better health for all.

Immunity as a Service

Health is not a one-and-done process. We are constantly seeking out trailblazers in health and wellness and championing their products globally.

Our Response to COVID-19

Vaccine Timeline

  • Currently in combined phase 1&2 clinical trials, under fast track – expected completion in early Q1 2021.
  • Effectiveness subject to final confirmation (estimated 95% – 99% efficacy)
  • Phase 3 clinical trials – to be completed ASAP.
  • EU & UK approval – currently seeking emergency use authorization.
  • FDA approval – currently seeking emergency use authorization. Projected timeline Q2.
  • Production capability forecast – 2021.
  • 1-2 billion doses annually for first year, scalling up from there.
  • Developed and formulated in the USA by our biotechnology and research partners.

We have offices in the UK, USA and Asia Pacific regions that can provide a steady and quick supply of the vaccine across the globe.

Marathon is Global

With offices in Australia, UK, and America, our distribution network has access to every corner of the globe We leverage our worldwide supply chain to ensure immunity is accessible to everyone.

Marathon Health Group is

We are known for efficiency and reliability:

Best in Class Health Enhancement

  • Our substantial production capacity allows us to guarantee your product when you need it
  • Scalability for increased demands whenever necessary
  • Dedicated teams to source and validate suppliers, all while ensuring each product is of the highest quality
  • Established direct relations with premium freight carriers for accelerated service and reliable scheduling
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