Our Approach

The Marathon Approach

Our Six Step Approach

Thought Leadership

With connections across the world in government, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare, our team sets the pace in the race toward global healthcare access. Our multiple locations sit in some of the most progressive and innovative biotechnology clusters in the world, creating unique access to world class innovators and thought leadership.

Opportunity Qualification

With unique modeling, data sets and proprietary technology, Marathon Health Group screens historical data from every region of the globe, mapping predictive outcomes and identifies regions we can create the greatest impact in the least amount of time.

Meticulous Planning

We set lofty goals and are relentless in achieving them. We capitalize on every resource available to us, ensuring that we are strategic, thoughtful, and innovative with every investment. Through our resource planning and transparency, we have partnered and secured investments from leading global firms.

Best-Practice Distribution

At our core, we are a best-in-class distributor. We thoroughly detail every element of our operations, ensuring overall operational excellence. We know that reinvigorating global health care is not an easy challenge to face, yet we will continue to evolve and grow through every partnership.

Reflect & Evolve

The Marathon Health Group team consistently seeks out ways to improve: seeking out thought leaders to partner with, better distribution methods, and the newest healthcare technology.

Broaden & Deepen

Our biotechnology partners seek out opportunities to improve upon global healthcare. We deliver on new frontiers, seek out ways to diversify our portfolio of products, and partner with the top innovators, resulting in a broader and deeper immunity platform with global access.

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